Dracula’s Hangout


Touring Bela Lugosi’s Los Angeles Haunts & Hangouts

“Million Dollar Baby” Scene

2005’s Best Picture “Million Dollar Baby” starring Hilary Swank (as underdog boxer Maggie Fitzgerald). Shot on location in the iconic Hollywood Athletic Club’s Gymnasium.

Coca-Cola Commercial Featuring Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio

National commercial for Coke starring celebrity chef Tom Colicchio filmed at the Hollywood Athletic Club.

Demi Moore By Annie Leibovitz at the Hollywood Athletic Club (1992)


Club Event Highlight: Emmy Awards

1st Primetime Emmy Awards

The 1st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards was presented at the Hollywood Athletic Club on January 25, 1949 and hosted by Walter O’Keefe. Only shows produced in Los Angeles are aired in the Los Angeles media market were eligible to win at the time.